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The Tennis Review is a tennis site for fans written by a fan.

Written and edited by Christian Deverille since 2012 (the first 100 posts were eaten by a bug and a rookie error of  ‘no backup’!), The Tennis Review aims to review the ups and downs of the ATP tour in an entertaining, informative, and, at times, literary way.

About Christian: I first played tennis at the age of 8, about the time I first saw Becker and Edberg battling out Wimbledon finals, and I was instantly hooked.

Mentored by the mysterious Baron, a family friend, I played week in week out into my teens, but no matter how hard I practiced, my lack of athleticism meant my endeavors only got me so far.

But while I might not have been that handy with a racket (I’m a 3.5, after nearly 30 years of playing, on my best day! ), what I am handy with is a keyboard.

Christian’s favorite shot: The forehand down the line. Hit, preferably, by Juan Martin del Potro.

Favorite players: Roger Federer (seen live 3 times), Stefan Edberg (seen once), Pete Sampras (seen twice), Juan Martin Del Potro (seen once).

Favorite tournament: The Australian Open. Love the courts, the colors, night matches.

Favorite thing about tennis: Point construction. Love to see a long point played out and finished with a winner.

Favorite passion after tennis: Cats. If the two ever come together in an unholy alliance, my life would be complete.

cats playing tennis


I do my best to publish a post once a week. Usually, it is one of the following:

Saturday: Preview of a final.

Sunday/ Monday: Review of final or the champion’s run through a tournament.

Tuesday-Friday: Feature article, product review, preview.

If things are going well, then I publish all three!

In the oh-so short tennis off-season, if I still have any energy left, I publish two articles a week reviewing the year, and previewing the next season.

I try my best to keep to this schedule, and if I do take a break now and then, (usually a week or two after a slam), I will leave a message on the site. If you do not hear from me for over a fortnight, please send a message to make sure I have not fallen down a hole or been abducted by aliens. Hopefully, if I have and I make it back, I might have something interesting to report, especially if the aliens happened to play tennis.

Tennis playing aliens

Photo courtesy of zazzle.com

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Christian Deverille

Christian Deverille is a tennis writer with a diploma in Freelance Sports Writing from the London School of Journalism. He loves all things tennis, most of all the Federer and del Potro forehands.