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    Gary Cimperman

    Gary wrote this great article live from Memphis.

    Gary is a Penn state grad and a tennis pro at The Cynwyd club.

    He was named USPTA Southern Under 30 Pro of the Year.

    Read his blog on tennis literature here

    Hugo Allen

    Hugo has written some great technical articles for TTR.

    Choosing a Racket

    Billy Jean King Eye Coach

    Karthik Swaminathan

    Karthik has been a regular contributor with his brilliant tournament draw breakdowns.

    Karthik is a tennis fan of the highest order. He’s written for Sports Illustrated and works in sports Communication.

    Find him on twitter at Kartz@Lord_Kartz

    Calvin H. Warner

    Calvin wrote this great article about Nadal and Federer’s Madrid Open chances.

    Calvin is an avid tennis fan and writer. Find out more about him here.

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    Christian Deverille

    Christian Deverille is a tennis writer with a diploma in Freelance Sports Writing from the London School of Journalism. He loves all things tennis, most of all the Federer and del Potro forehands.