Diamonds Are A Tennis Racket’s Best Friend 5 Questions With Bijou Tennis Founder Agnese Rozite

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With 56 of the world’s elite players competing in one of the world’s most beautiful and prestigious tennis locations, Monte Carlo, this week, men’s tennis is all about exclusivity. To celebrate, The tennis review asked five questions to Bijou Tennis’ founder and creator Agnese Rozite about her stylish diamond studded tennis rackets, her tennis playing style, and which male player would look great swinging a diamond studded racket. 

What inspired you to design the world’s most expensive tennis racket?

 I have always been fascinated with the fashion world, and it has multiple price categories from discount to contemporary to a high-end designer.  Whereas in tennis, for the most part, everybody plays with the same price racquet. As an entrepreneurship major I just saw a new niche. I wasn’t necessarily going for the ‘’most expensive’’ but rather exclusive and more hand-made rather than large factory production. Lately, even the big brands are starting to do limited edition models, so these premier racquets are becoming more common. More importantly, I wanted to design something that has never been seen before and New York City lights inspired me to add shinning Swarovski crystals to Bijou racquets.

You are a former 3x All-American college tennis player- how would you describe your playing style and were any men’s tennis players your role models when you were growing up? 

 I love to go for the winners! I have never been a very patient player, so I had to become aggressive in order to win a point. Although I like to slice and drop-shot, there’s nothing like a clean forehand winner. I think in college some players were having a difficult time when playing against me because I am a lefty. During my teenage years Nadal and Federer where dominating the men’s tour so I naturally looked up to them. I definitely related more to Rafa since he grew up playing on clay courts and was also a lefty!

You are also a former coach- what kind of player would you recommend Bijou tennis rackets for and why?

I have coached at various places, such as college tennis, academy tennis and country club tennis. They are all very different as people are in different points in their life and in their tennis ‘’careers’. My market is definitely geared towards the country club crowd. One of the reasons is that we currently make our models on the lighter side in order to accommodate beginner and intermediate level players. Also, our clientele has a certain disposable income that they enjoy spending on high-end fashion and luxury goods.

The old saying goes “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but I think in this day and age they can be a man’s best friend, too- which men’s tennis player do you think would look great swinging one of your rackets?

Women have always admired diamonds and men have always admired women so it’s been a way to impress them. But in our modern unisex times, style is cross-gender. Especially in major fashion metropolitan cities such as New York, London, and Paris.

A man with a Bijou racquet? I could actually see Roger Federer flawlessly swinging our silver model for charity. Another headliner that comes to mind is Nick Kyrgios who would have fun with the gold racquet. I think he brings a lot of entertainment to such a classic sport. I truly enjoyed their most recent match in Miami.

Bijou Tennis rackets are customized in New York- have you ever been to the US Open and can you tell us about your experience and which men’s players you saw live?

New York City is home to Bijou and the US Open, and we are currently looking to do some interesting events around the Grand Slam. I have been to the US Open numerous times and it just gets better and better every year. In fact, the entire air of New York is filled with tennis, not sure if it’s from the fuzz of the balls, or all the greatness of the players, but it is my favorite time of the year in New York.

Most recently with all the court renovations, the tournament is a must see for every tennis lover. I have seen most of the top 10 players play up close, but it’s another feeling when you see them next to you in the players lounge. I believe this year’s tournament will have some surprises from the youngsters on the tour so I will definitely try to watch their matches!

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