Billie Jean King Eye Coach 5 Questions with Coaches Lenny Schloss and Hugo Allen

Any tennis player looking to improve their game need look no further than the Billie Jean King Eye Coach. The Tennis Review chatted to tennis coaches Lenny Schloss and Hugo Allen about a piece of tennis coaching equipment specializing in Point of Contact Training which will help you strike the sweet spot and, as a result, make your tennis playing all the sweeter. 

Can you sum up Point of Contact Training in one sentence?

Point of Contact training solves the biggest issue in all striking sports, including tennis, which is that the eye shifts too early to the target. By retraining the eye to stay at the Point of Contact for at least 1/10th of a second we can restore a player’s balance and dramatically increase the percentage of balls hitting the sweet spot. Through our extensive study we now know that the risk of an error is lowest when the ball strikes the sweet spot.

Why is shifting the head too early to look at the target such a common error?

Humans are born to track, but the error occurs in the last 3 feet before contact when focus is divided between the ball and the target. Our current way of tossing the ball when coaching divides the player’s focus.

Can the eye coach be used by any player at any level?

 The Eye Coach is perfect for all players from beginner to pro tour.

How soon do players start noticing the difference after starting training with the eye coach?

 A player will begin to feel a difference in 15 minutes and needs 5 hours hitting for it to become an instinct dramatically increasing the rate of learning.

Do you wish you had had technology such as the eye coach around when you were a player?

We both believe that we did not achieve our athletic potentially and the Eye Coach would have helped us to be the best we could be.

Check out the Connected Clubs site to find out more about the Billie Jean King Eye Coach by clicking here.

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