Five Questions with British Wheelchair Grand Slam Champion Alfie Hewett


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Wheelchair tennis pro Alfie Hewett has had a stellar season, winning a Singles slam at Roland Garros and winning back to back doubles slam with Gordon Reid at Wimbledon and the US Open. The Tennis Review caught up with Norfolk born Alfie and asked him five questions on how he got into the game, his favorite shot, and what it was like playing at Wimbledon and the US Open.

How did you get into tennis?

My mum was the big reason I got into Tennis. She took me to Stoke Mandeville where I trialed lots of disability sports. Tennis was one of three that I found really fun, so when I came back to Norwich I started to take up disability tennis lessons locally and found my journey just spiraled up from there.

 Who inspired you growing up?

Growing up I always looked up to Shingo Kunieda, I thought he was unstoppable and just simply amazing for the sport. His speed around the court and the way he became invincible really inspired me to work hard.

What is your favorite shot?

My favorite shot to play is probably the backhand down the line when I am on the stretch as I like to really go for it hard. It is one of those shots where it is all or nothing and so when they do come off its quite a feeling.

 What was your favorite thing about competing at Wimbledon?

My favorite thing about competing at Wimbledon was playing on court 3 in the doubles final. The crowd was behind us all the way and the atmosphere was electric to play in at times. To then win in the dramatic way we did (third set tiebreak) made it that much more tense but also special when once won.

How does the US Open compare with Wimbledon?

The US Open has a different feel to Wimbledon. It’s one of the biggest tennis events on the tour so it took some adjusting, finding where everything was and getting to know the place. Because of it being bigger, I found it more free to go around, both in the stadium and the grounds, which is something I like. All slams have their own value and I really enjoyed the vibe and atmosphere that the people brought to this slam.



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