Five Questions With Luxury Tennis Bag Designer Alison van der Lande

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Photo courtesy of Alison van der Lande

The tennis circuit is about to hit one of the world’s most stylish cities, Paris, for Roland Garros so The Tennis Review decided to ask luxury tennis bag designer Alison van der Lande five questions about her lovely tennis bags (we’ve felt them and they feel as good as they look), her favorite players, and her favorite tennis memory.

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Photo courtesy of Alison van der Lande

What inspired you to make luxury tennis bags?

We are a luxury lifestyle company- we love beautiful leather, we love style and we love to find new ways to combine the two.

We felt that the tennis market was very orientated towards man-made materials, huge logos and not always aesthetically beautiful.  We wanted to make a bag that brought functionality, practicality and durability together with style, elegance and long-lasting quality, using the best natural leathers and craftsmanship.

What do people love most about them? 

Their simple elegance stands out a mile. The depth of color and beauty of the leathers we use. Our customers recognize the craftsmanship and love that goes into making the bags and are therefore proud to use them.  But also remember, whilst beautiful and luxurious they are also practical and to be used and enjoyed. Good bags and beautiful leather get better with age, which sadly cannot always be said for one’s game!

Which tennis players do you think are the most stylish?

On court I do like the Williams sisters, they push the boundaries and have some fun with color, trying to maintain their femininity at the same time.

I also like Roger Federer, he always looks very dapper, arriving on court, during a match and post-match.

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Which player’s do you like watching play the most?

I enjoy watching quite a few players for different reasons, their brilliance, humor, speed, determination etc. but particularly Mansour Bahrami, Nadal and Novak Djokovic

What’s your favorite tennis memory? 

A very long time ago I was living in California and went to San Francisco to watch Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe, I think it was 1996!!! My first time watching a game and my first time of eating sushi at a celebratory meal afterwards!

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