Five Questions With Saboor Khan On Life As A Tennis Ballboy

Ball boy

Photo courtesy of Saboor Khan

Ever wondered how it feels to be a ball-boy at a professional tennis event? We talked to Saboor Khan about his experiences.
1. How did you get into ball boying?
 I first got into ball boying when I made the tryouts. They choose the people who are good.
2. What has been your most memorable ball boy experience?
Everything is memorable when you are a ball boy. It’s something you can never forget. You are doing this job and feeding the ball to world class athletes. Being ball boy for Kastles.
3. What do you like the most about ball-boying?
 You get to see the match right behind the player. If you get a chance one should try this. Great experience. That is what I like most about ball boying.
4. What tips would you give someone about to start out as a ball boy?
 Just stay calm and do your best during the tryouts. Practice is the key. So if you have a tennis court near you then go there and do the motions. Also you can learn from TV.
5. Do you play tennis,and has being a ball boy improved your game in any way?
I have been playing tennis since childhood. I started at the age of 5. I love this sport. I will teach my kids when I grow up and I want them to become a pro. Being ball boy is good because then it improves your hand and eye coordination so that could help you with your game in tennis. They go together. Once you get the hang of it then you will love it. Everyone should get the chance.
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