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Mastering mental toughness in tennis is one of the toughest parts of the game, but making that breakthrough just got a lot easier with Thomas Daniels’, a tennis coach and online tennis consultant based in Japan, e-book 30 Warrior Tennis Mental Tips For Match Play, designed to get tennis players first winning the mental game and then winning tennis matches. The Tennis Review asked Thomas five questions about his Warrior Tennis Mental Tips, how he came to understand the importance of mental toughness, and one of tennis’ greatest mental warriors of all time, Rafa Nadal.

One common belief is that tennis is 20% technical and 80% mental- what do you think about this?

Tennis has gone from 80% mental to all mental. And you are only as good as your mental game is, on that given day. See, the fact is, once you start competing, you actually stop playing tennis and start playing the MENTAL GAME.

Where do most players who come to you struggle when it comes to the mental side of tennis?

They don’t understand that they are not playing tennis, but they are playing the mental game. This is the first mind shift that all players need to come to

What about your own mental struggles on the court? Was there a turning point for you which made you a warrior?

Yes, it happened when I was 17 and started really taking the game seriously, which was back in 1983 (a long time!). I didn’t know it at that time, but my coach was teaching me the mental game and the importance of mind strength. I realize now that even though he didn’t stress it like I do, we are on the same page.

What do you hope readers will take-away most from your 30 Warrior Tennis Mental Tips for Match Play book?

That they are wasting too much time on technique and mechanics and not enough time on their mental game. This e-book can help any competitive tennis player make that mental leap with their game in months.

Can you think of any performances you have seen which you would use to illustrate to your students just what it means to be a mental warrior?

I will use Nadal, since he just came back at the AO tournament. Here is a guy who was a true tennis warrior from head to toe and then he lost a little mental edge and his opponents felt it and they took advantage of it, but now he is back and so is his mental game.


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Lesson here- one point, you may have your mental game, the next, you may not. Same for games/sets and matches. So, it’s a daily mental grind you are looking at. Accept the challenge and face it head on.

The great thing about the mental game is that it will reveal and then build character, but only if the player is willing to show it first.

Buy Thomas Daniels’ e-book 30 Warrior Tennis Mental Tips for Match Play here and visit Thomas’ website to get more information on the author.

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