PlayBrave Clothing Review Why British Tennis Summer Season Need Never End


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The British Tennis Summer might be over, but PlayBrave’s all weather tennis gear means that for tennis lovers who live in colder climes such as the UK, the tennis, strawberries in season or not, need never end.

Britain should be some kind of tennis heaven- we have the world’s most prestigious tennis tournament, a sporting event that grabs the back and front page headlines for a few weeks every year, the men’s No.1 tennis player comes from Scotland, and there is no shortage of tennis partners to be found in June and July.

But, once the tour leaves our shores, most of the tennis news vanishes into the results pages, and a lot of the tennis players leave the courts and disappear onto their sofas,  a departure not entirely their fault given the at times scary British weather and the just as frightening fees for indoor courts.

Luckily for us British tennis players who want to play all year round, but are in need of some encouragement, PlayBrave has come up with just the gear to keep the British tennis Summer going all year round, kit which keeps us looking both stylish and comfortable, leaving us free to forget about any dark clouds overhead and kick up a storm at the net and rain down aces instead.

Play Brave

Photo courtesy of PlayBrave.

You may already know PlayBrave from this year’s British Summer Tennis Season. PlayBrave was one of the Boodle’s sponsors, exhibiting the talents of Nick Kyrgios and Thanassi Kokkinakis to tennis fans at Stoke Park, Buckinghamshire.


Photo courtesy of Play Brave

PlayBrave was created by a privately owned British Company who wanted to help tennis players living in colder temperatures enjoy the benefits of outdoors sport’s clothing technologies and keep playing outside no matter what the British weather threw at them, the kind of weather – sunshine one second and wind, downpours or drizzle the next – to have forced some of the world’s biggest tennis matches to go on into the dark or even over a couple of days.

For the pros at Wimbledon, the Center Court roof has solved some of their British weather problems, but a few days to finish a tennis match or a roof to save the day is not a luxury available for many recreational tennis players, and for those times when you would like to get practice, a hit, or a match finished, PlayBrave has a clothing collection to let you do so.

PlayBrave’s tennis gear uses layering to control body temperature in changing weather conditions with jackets, sweaters and T-shirts designed to not only give players the chance to train and play outdoors all year round but to do so with maximum freedom of movement and comfort.

Play Brave

Photo courtesy of PlayBrave

PlayBrave’s Britishness is also represented by its materials coming from all over the world- Merino Wool from New Zealand and elastane and polyester from Portugal.

These materials combine with liberation cuts to produce tennis gear which stretches and moves with the player so the clothes flow with your swing, not pull against it, giving you superior stroke finishing and better reach on serves and smashes.

The material also allows for, with all that moving and jumping, some much needed ventilation, so, whether you are playing in the chilly Lake District or the depths of Winter in Illinois, there is no need to be afraid to get out there and play, every incentive, instead, to get some stylish tennis gear on, get on-court, and play brave.


Photo courtesy of Play Brave


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