We do our best to post three times a week.

Saturday: Preview of ATP 1000/500 and slam finals

Sunday/ Monday: Review of final or opinion piece, sometimes both 🙂

Monday/Tuesday: Preview of upcoming tournament.

If things are going well, then we publish:

Friday: Preview of upcoming semi-finals.

Tuesday-Thursday: Reviews, previews and opinions pieces.

In the Very short tennis off-season, we publish two articles a week reviewing the year, and previewing the next season.

We try our best to keep to this schedule, and if we do take a break now and then, we will leave a message on the site. If you do not hear from us for over a week, please send us a tweet to make sure we have not fallen down a hole or been abducted by aliens. Hopefully we might have something interesting to report, especially if the aliens happened to play tennis like our friend in the pic below.

Tennis playing aliens

Photo courtesy of

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Christian Deverille

Christian Deverille is a tennis writer with a diploma in Freelance Sports Writing from the London School of Journalism. He loves all things tennis, most of all the Federer and del Potro forehands.